Not so Appy!!

Not so Appy

Thanks to Digital Age, India is set to become second largest smartphone consumer in the world and is expected to have 650 million smartphones by 2019. Smartphones have occupied our lives for so many purposes like Messaging, News, Socializing, Games, Music, Movies, Maps, books, Shopping, taxi service and a lot more. There are more than 2,000,000 apps available on Google […]

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Price Drop Alert

Today morning, when I was having my wake up coffee and was enjoying the first downpour of the monsoon, I was thinking how things like rains, friends, food, travelling, shopping, reading etc. can enhance the mood and energy level of a person. My thoughts were probably going a level higher than the clouds up in the sky. Just when I […]

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Munafa Wala Tuesday: Vote and Buy at Rs. 4/-

Customers can bid for their favourite products across categories and can get chance to purchase the same at Rs. 4, a fast-growing e-shopping portal which proves the concept of online shopping mall has introduced an exciting campaign for its shoppers called Munafa Wala Tuesday. The online campaign enables Compare Munafa customers to bid for their favourite products and get […]

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Cashback Offer Is New Shopping Style Now

Cashback Offers

“I hope 15 years later people forget about ecommerce because they think its’s like electricity”. These are words of ecommerce giant Alibaba’s founder and chairman Jack Ma expecting e commerce to be totally mainstream so that the word doesn’t need to be used. It is being reiterated time and time again that e commerce have occupied our lives to a […]

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A Journey from Laptops/Desktop to Smartphones


How Mobile App have been Successful ! With the advent of smartphones, the perspective of the E-Commerce era has completely changed and as a result, people are blindly shopping on their devices instead of using laptop and desktop. The wide reach of Internet has also helped in bringing merchants and buyers on a platform where they can interact with each […]

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Why Online Shopping Is Effective For Everyone?

In today’s scenario people are inclined towards online shopping because they don’t find in-store shopping much effective. It is because of the vast internet connectivity all over the world and easy access to internet has made it easy for shoppers to go online.  Internet has provided space to retailers, other small companies to go online and to extend their services […]

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Online Shopping VS In-Store Shopping

  Although the genre online shopping is more convenient than in-store purchasing. But various reports show that the folks still like shopping from an actual store. According to the report, approx. 40 percent of shoppers opt for inside store shopping and 27 percent are in favor of online shopping. Let’s have a look at the journey from physical market to […]

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