Why is Nokia getting it all wrong with its new releases?

If you haven’t heard the news of Nokia hitting the Indian markets, then where have you been? The brand which saw some dark days under Microsoft was later acquired by a Finnish company called HMD Global, which gave Nokia a second chance. While we were hoping that the brand will annihilate all competition coming its way, we could be wrong at making this prediction.

There was a time when mobile phones were synonymous to Nokia. The brand came out with the cheapest, costliest, quirkiest, simplest, most durable mobile phones, during its heydays. It was a brand which was not only trusted by India but globally. However, it was the rise of the Smartphone lead to Nokia’s downfall. The Android phone which was a Samsung staple, gave Nokia’s Windows phone a tough competition, so much so that the company could not survive the blow. But, fortunately, the brand has learned from its mistakes and has embraced the enemy; the Android software, and decided to make a comeback with 3 budget Android mobile phones.

If you are the 80s and 90s child, then we are sure that Nokia has a nostalgic factor to you. Most of our first mobile phones were from the brand, so it definitely holds a special place in our hearts. So Nokia making a comeback to India, is like a yesteryears superstar coming back to the silver screen. We maybe very pumped up about the brand resurrecting from the ashes, but to be completely honest, Nokia really needs to get their act together. The following are some reasons which may prove to be disastrous for the brand:

Nokia Series

Pushing the release date of the Nokia 6: When the Nokia 6 was announced back in February, the expectations went soaring. Everyone was waiting for the device with bated breath. Most people held back from buying their next phone because they were waiting for the Nokia to make a comeback. It was expected that the device would be available at the onset of April, but Nokia went on pushing the release date so much so that the anticipation has almost fizzled out. According to confirmed reports, the Nokia 6 which is an Amazon exclusive item is now available for pre-booking and can be ordered from the 23rd of August. The wait has been very, very long and it’s not that there are no other mobile phones available in the market, so now people who were planning on buying the Nokia 6 are searching for alternatives since their patience has been tested by the brand.

The processor on the Nokia 6: When Nokia announced this phone back in February 2017, it was told that it has a Snapdragon 430 processor coupled with 3GB of RAM. The Snapdragon 430 processor was outdated even then, so imagine how outdated will it be when it releases in August. Brands like Xiaomi are providing with a 625 octa core Snapdragon processor in a phone much cheaper than the Nokia 6. Going by that standard, the device should have been priced at the 12k mark, considering its outdated processor, which is the most important thing when it comes to a Smartphone.

The growing competition: Back in the day when Nokia was ruling the roost, times were a lot different! Nokia almost had a monopoly in the market and could take its own sweet time with releases. However, with so much completion in the mobile market, there is no way people would wait for the Nokia 6. There are mobiles like Samsung J7 Prime, Moto G5 Plus, Xiaomi Note 4 and Samsung On Max which are priced similarly and are available in the market for purchase.

Nokia New Series Launching

The brand does not have a flagship phone yet: Nokia 8, which is speculated to be the brand’s flagship phone priced around the Rs 50,000 mark is a rumored item. Recent news has revealed that the brand will reveal the device on July 31st, but all details are yet to be revealed. A recent report states that Nokia 8 will launch with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage initially, though the rumored 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM variant may see the light of the day a little bit later. However, there has been no official announcement by the brand yet, so we hope the rumors turn out to be true.

The brand is following the Samsung route: Though Samsung is a very popular mobile brand in the country, it is losing its popularity for the sole fact, that it has been over stuffing the market with mid-range mobiles. Nokia too did the same by bringing 3 budget mobile phones all at once. What the brand could have done was to bring one good quality budget phone and one flagship phone to mark their entrance into the market yet again. This way they could serve different tiers of consumers as well. The Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 seem to be items which are not being able to create a buzz around them.

So those were some pointers which clearly states that Nokia is definitely fraying away from redeeming itself. We really wish, that the Nokia flagship hoist the brand strongly in the market and the Nokia 6 has a better version with an improved processor really soon. This way the brand will have a strong footing in the market and give the competition and run for their money.

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