Reliance Jio Phone Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

The announcement of the Jio phone by Reliance sent everyone into a tizzy. The fact that this feature phone was replete with so many features, made everyone sit up and take notice of this latest offering from the telecom giant in India. Since then, there has been a lot of hype and anticipation around this device. For those who do not know the Reliance Jio Phone is a feature phone with 4G and VoLTE, which is effectively free! The thing is that buyers will have to pay a sum of Rs 1,500 as a security deposit, which, however, is refundable only after 3 years. Having said all of that, there are quite a lot of terms and conditions attached to it and you will have to return the phone after the completion of 3 years. The pre-bookings of the device started back in August and they were promised to be delivered September onwards.

How good is the phone?

There was some genius in Reliance who conceptualized this mobile phone which has the looks of a feature phone, but the features of a smartphone! Yes, you read that right! All Jio Apps are supported on this device so you can play music, movies, etc while on the go. Also, something to take notice is the tariff plan, which actually helps the user enjoy all these perks for almost free. It may sound amazing, but like everything else in this world, this device too has its pros and cons. Plus, it is designed to serve a niche consumer base, and therefore would not be liked by all.

Reliance Jio Phone  Specification & features

By the looks of it, it looks like any other ordinary feature phone with an alphanumeric keypad and a small screen. The body is made of good quality plastic and it doesn’t weigh too much. The curved angles of the body make it easy to grip and carry. The screen measures 2.4 inches and has a resolution of 240×320 pixels. In all honesty the vertical viewing angles are pretty bad, and the VGA camera is below par. The keypad is nice and well-spaced making it easy to type messages. The primary camera is of 2MP and the device is powered by 2000mAh battery. There’s a Micro-USB port at the bottom along with a 3.5mm headphone socket. At the top, there’s an LED torch. Along with the device, you receive a charger and Micro USB cable, the SIM is already installed and ready to be activated. It is to be noted that this device will only recognize Jio SIM cards and no other SIM from other telecom companies will work on it.

Reliance Jio Phone Price & Specification

All in all, the device is what Reliance likes to call a smart feature phone. The device comes with some interesting features like the ability to understand voice commands, a web browser, ability to make video calls and stream multimedia content through an appropriate app like JioTV. However, it cannot run fairly popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, and Twitter.

The Jio Phone runs on KaiOS, which is a fork of the Firefox OS, the best part is the interface is very easy and can be learned within a few days. The standard grid style menu is excellent and the D pad helps to navigate thing around. The JioPhone is powered by a dual-core processor, however, the brand of the processor hasn’t been revealed by Reliance. There is a 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage which is more than sufficient for a feature phone. This means that most people will not have to invest in an additional MicroSD card as there is enough space in the phone to download data. There is only one SIM slot in the JioPhone. Besides that, you have a microSD slot, which accepts a card of up to 128GB. There is also a removable battery which will give the phone enough juice to survive one-day on a full charge. The JioPhone can be connected to Wi-Fi networks and also supports GPS and NFC on the connectivity front. However, you cannot use the JioPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is a marketing tool for Reliance to sell its JioFi dongle which is available across e-retail websites and offline stores. The multimedia aspect of the phone will make you really satisfied. The best part is that, however, bad the VGA camera is, it can be used for making video calls which is something one cannot imagine from a feature phone!

Made especially for Indians by Indians

The phone support 22 Indian languages, which is excellent especially for people living in the rural areas and are not well versed with the English language. The phone also has Bluetooth so one can share data easily. The Jio Phone can connect to Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet without using cellular data. There is also a voice assistant to help out with the features which can an excellent tool for senior citizens who have a tough time typing and figuring out things. As far as data plans are concerned, subscribers can opt for plans starting as low as Rs 153 per month, weekly plan for Rs 53 or 2-day plan for Rs 23. The device is being delivered to tier 2 and 3 cities before arriving in metro cities.

The verdict

Considering that the JioPhone is not targeting smartphone users, they do not have much to compete with. They are aimed at first-time mobile buyers and people from tier 2 and 3 cities you have never owned smartphones before or are planning to upgrade their feature phones. It a very good device for the price it is being offered at. The hardware is decent and software is pretty good! The access to multimedia and hopes of Facebook and WhatsApp being introduced in the future can make this device a big hit. The biggest problem, however, is the availability of the device. If you want to get your hands on the JioPhone, we say go ahead it won’t disappoint you at all.

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