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With so many advertisements about Amazon Prime these days, it is surprising that many people still do not know what Amazon Prime is, and what are the major benefits the site has to offer? If you are wondering if Amazon Prime is truly worth it, then we are going to cut to the chase right here and tell you, hell yes! Every penny you pay for your Amazon Prime membership is worth it, only if you shop regularly at Amazon and if you are an avid movie and TV show lover and we will tell you why in a bit.

For those you who do not know, Amazon Prime is an annual membership provided to Amazon users for just Rs 499/- for a year! You can also try Amazon Prime free for a month, to see if the services suit your preferences. Once you buy the membership you will be availing perks like free delivery with no extra shipping costs, free 1 day or 2 days delivery, access to Amazon Prime entertainment site where you can watch your favourite movies and television shows, you will also gain access to Amazon Prime day; a sale exclusively for Amazon Prime users. You can also use the Amazon pantry to skip a visit to the supermarket. There are many more benefits of Amazon Prime and we are here to discuss just that today, so let’s get started.

Access to Amazon Prime App

Amazon Prime

We think that this has to be one of the best features of the Prime membership. Now watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show, or choose between some latest Bollywood and Hollywood hits all thanks to Amazon Prime. The best part is that you can convert your laptop or mobile phone into an entertainment device by installing the Prime app. This way you can watch your favorite movies and shows even on the go. With internet prices lowering in India and in the era of unlimited mobile packs, Amazon Prime will serve as your favorite mode of entertainment.

Amazon Prime

Free shipping

If you have been an ardent buyer from the Amazon app, you might relate to the pinch of paying extra shipping costs on most items below Rs 500. With the prime membership, you won’t have to pay any shipping for all products marked Prime, which comprises of most of the products. Also, you get access to One-Day free shipping and 2-Day free shipping which additionally cost Rs 100 and Rs 80 respectively. So in case you want something to be delivered to you within a day or two, you won’t have to pay extra money for that, which is a huge advantage, especially for all those impulsive shoppers and Amazon hoarders out there.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Day access

Well if you did not have enough of all those festive sales and end of season sales, then you will love the Amazon Prime day sale, which is held exclusively for Prime members. Prime members can avail some unbelievable offers on a multitude of products and get free shipping on it as well. Apart from that, you get access to new launches which are specifically planned for Amazon Prime day which is an added bonus.

Early Sale access

If you are someone who has the fear of missing out, then you must bag the Amazon Prime membership. The sale is the best time to shop as we all know, but if you get early access to the sale, you not only get to bag exclusive, never-seen-before deals, but you also get to stock up on everything that you need, before they go out of stock! Getting early access also means that you get to know what products are up for grabs at lower prices and therefore make an informed decision before clicking on the checkout button, rather than buying in haste.

Amazon Prime

Great for bibliophiles

We are sure, that if you happen to be a bibliophile, then you must be an Amazon addict as well, all thanks to Amazon Kindle! If you love your books and hate paying extra shipping on it, whilst making the most of the Amazon discounts on them, then you must get hold of the Prime membership. This membership will make sure that you get to buy your favorite books and also get exclusive discounts on Kindle books as well. Prime members avail huge deals on books, especially the Kindle versions, apart from that, they get good discounts on the Kindle device as well, so what’s not to love?

Amazon Prime

You can subscribe to items and avail further discounts

There are certain items you always run out of, so Amazon has a subscription plan which will make sure that never run out of your everyday use items. There are certain household items like baby powder, diapers if you have children, or your favorite moisturizer, detergent powder, or contact lens solution, which you know you will definitely need and run out of. When you subscribe to such items, being a prime member, you will have to follow a monthly, two-monthly plan, according to which you can subscribe to the product and it will be delivered to you according to the plan. This way you save additional money by availing an extra 5 to 10 percent discount.

Amazon Prime

Your entire family can benefit from it

Have you realised that one Amazon Prime membership will benefit the entire family! you can get free shipping for any family member, you can watch free movies and TV shows with the entire family, and make the most of your membership. So with so many benefits, what are you waiting for/ Go get your Amazon Prime membership right away.

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